Sturgeon Falls Brush and Contracting Limited

We specialize in Utility Right of Way Clearing, Hwy Infrastructure Right of Way Clearing , Harvesting and Hauling, Mechanical Site Preperation (Scarification) and Mechanical Vegetation Control (Brushing). Mostly Larger scale projects.

Management Team

Gerry Larcher, President

Andre Larcher, CEO

Monique Robitaille, General Manager

Equipment Floating/Hauling

  • Heavy Equipment
  • General Freight
  • Pulp, Wood and Saw Logs
  • Aggregates
  • Water
  • Tandem Trucks
  • Tri-axles
  • Self Loader
  • End Dump
  • Lowboys
  • Flatbeds
  • Tag Along
  • Log Trailers


Project consisted of an emergency culvert replacement following floods. Required ditching, removal old culverts, installation of new culverts, resurfacing of existing road and then hard surfacing.

Forestry Access Roads

In order to haul the lumber out the Harvested areas, winter and summer bush/forestry roads must be build and maintained for access!

Road Building

Some Forestry Winter Roads


Industrial Fencing

Rental Fencing

Floating Fencing

Land Clearing

STURGEON FALLS BRUSH AND CONTRACTING is the premier land-clearing contractor for highway expansion along the Hwy 11 and Hwy 69 corridors.

Wood Waste Management

When we clear land, we don’t leave a mess. The brush and the trees, including the branches get hauled to the manufacturing plant in order to be eventually converted to lumber, wood chips, shavings and sawdust. We produce new material such as hog fuel. Hog (hogged) fuel is a wood product of the forest industry having various applications. It consists of bark and wood chips.

Small trees and tree tops for mulching

Larger size mulch in piles

We Recycle Wood Waste

  • All re-useable materials are salvaged and transported to our storage facility in Sturgeon Falls where it will be individually sorted for resale, donation or appropriate disposal.
  • All non re-useable construction material is transported to Sturgeon Falls Brush and Manufacturing Inc.’s merchandising yard for processing in a Vermeer HG 6000 grinder with magnetic separation of nails. The resulting wood fibre is subsequently shipped to an approved energy conversion facility.
  • Non-recyclable and non re-useable material is disposed appropriately.

Land Clearing Jobs Gallery

Beginning stages of land clearing, Hwy 11

Bunches ready for skidding

Wanup, ON - Temporary log and equipment yard

Wanup - Round wood temporary yard

Rainy River Utility Right of Way Clearing

Land Clearing 18 km for PowerTel Utilities Contractors Limited

Upsala, ON Before land clearing


Slashing tree length after land clearing in Estaire, ON

Slashed wood ready for transportation

Log Hauling & Sales

Shoreline Stabilization

SFB & C L has completed a number of shoreline stabilization and rehabilitation projects. We are familiar with all the permit requirements with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) as well as Ministry of Natural Resources(MNR) or First Nations Resource Technicians, as applicable.

No work on or near shorelines is undertaken until all approvals and/or permits are received from the appropriate authorities.

SFB & CL will assist in the preparation of any required application form including concept design for MNR/DFO approval.